Saturday, June 2, 2012

YouTube Popularity

Hi guys, today i will talk about YouTube Popularity and some of the most famous youtubers. And I will give you guys tips based on my observations and thoughts on how to try to become a famous youtuber
Lets start with one of the most famous youtubers

RayWilliamJohnson : A comedian known for his YouTube series " Equals Three " as off May 2012 his channel is the most subscribed one.

Nigahiga : Again a comedian, known for his comedy videos. As of May 2012 his channel becomes the second most subscribed one in YouTube

freddiew : American filmmaker mostly know for his creative Video FX here have a look

               Lets switch to the gaming community channels

Athenewins : started gaining popularity with  " World of WarCraft " MMORPG game he is mostly known for his gaming skills and breaking all kind of gaming records

CaptainSparklez : started gaining popularity with  " Minecraft " a sandbox building game he is mostly know with his gameplayer/commentary/animation/modeling videos based on the game

PewDiePie : his channel is based on FPS ( First Person Shooter ) horror games and his gameplay/commentary videos

                Tips based on my Observations on how to gain popularity
                        I'm going to tell you the truth i'm not going to lie

Lets start with RayWilliamJohnson. stand up comedian his videos reveal other viral videos, videos that makes you laugh and smile. He is also known as a the biggest troll in YouTube
My tip is if you are going to make a stand up infront camera comedy video series make sure that you appear funny in the viewers eyes adding the atmosphere of laugh even if the atmosphere is based on other peoples incidents

RAY SMASH! - Ray William Johnson

Nigahiga another comedian. his videos are based on stupidity which is the a new base of comedy and that is true people however ridiculous it sounds. He often puts a catch in his videos with something that he wants to teach the audience
My tip if you are going to make a comedy shows make sure that the content is with random events with meaning which sounds weird perhaps you will see what am i talking about in his video

Forever Alone

Freddiew his videos are based on super cool VFX stuff mostly shooting and warzone
My tip is if you have a talent with VFX programs make sure to put alot of meaningless explosions,guns and blood < It is a cliche for me but it seems that most of the people like the quality more than the quantity

Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin

Athenewins " World of WarCraft " player and self-proclaimed "Best Gamer in The World"
My tip make sure that you inspire the viewers with words and things that are unimaginable for most of the people appear in your audience like a gladiator infront of them

MOAR ARENA OWNAGE (Arena Masters #2) + Announcements

CaptainSparklez brilliant gameplay/commentary channel
My tip make sure that the content of the video is interesting to your audience make sure that you help your viewers by showing them interesting information

Minecraft: Jungle Temples, Trip Wires, Inventory Updates

PewDiePie another brilliant gameplay/commentary
My tip make sure that your viewers feel the same that you do his are based on horror games which makes it even more easier for your audience and that is based on adrenaline

INAL - Amnesia: Custom Story - Part 4

My personal tip
If you are a viewer what kind of video entertains you what would you like to see on YouTube ?
Think about what the audience would like to see think about what is their interests

That is all from me and lets hope that i helped you even a little bit... goodbye audience :D i will see you all in Tuesday

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