Thursday, May 31, 2012

When I Get Up !

Today in this post i will write about the five things that i do
when i get up from the bed enjoy :)

The very 1st thing when i get up is to get my dose of

coffee and cigarette goes together so they are not two things i count em as one

The 2nd thing is to turn on my computer

with my thumb on the leg of course
Foot power turn on
       The 3rd thing is to check You[Tube] for new subscription videos
                          Going to show you one of my favorite youtube videos it always makes me laugh in the morning

                                   The 4th thing is to check Facebook
                                            for new feeds,friend requests,notifications

The 5th thing is to spent 30 minutes in 9GAG  website

here i'm going to post one of their weird strange faces comic book way jokes

And those are the 5 things i do when i get up from the bed they are awsome time killers if you are waiting for a call or something :) Hope you enjoyed the post and i will see ya all again in saturday

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Again, guys!

Blogging was my life for a month or two, now I may start again, loved it, gonna try it again!