Friday, July 27, 2012

Batman Arkham City

Hello guys, it has been a while since i writed anything :) Been busy with the house lately that is why i haven't writed anything new.
So yeah the last time i writed about " Batman Arkham Asylum " today i'll write about " Batman Arkham City " what was my expectations... Similliar to the first part, bad story and more but no. Surprisingly this part was alot more better than the Asylum maybe because the sandbox is a little bit bigger and because of the new combo skills, also the new movement skills that you have. I can say that this part was alot more better than the first. The graphics are the same which i'm fine with that, the combo skills are amazing, the movement skills are amazing too... I really liked the idea about switching characters ( Catwoman ) and fighting the rest of the villains like Two Face, Mr.Freeze, Penguin " Like it should have been in the first place ". But yeah there is also a but :D I didn't like the interface of this part... If i forgot to mention the interface in the previous post i will do now, and i can say that the first interface it is just amazing, this interface is literally messed up... The devolepers put some stuff that you can only look at them literally, more icons which don't have any kind of use but they are there... I don't know why they did that it is just ridiculous. But still this part is amazing and i recommend it for playing :) Also i liked the ending alot the ending was just epic !

That is it from me for today expect a new post in the next upcoming days untill then have a good time :)

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