Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twitch TV

Hello guys, as you can see i'm one day late again. Which i apologize for that.. Lets do this, when i say that i'm going to write on a day just expect me the next day :D
Okay now lets get real. Today i'm going to talk about something pretty new to me as far as i know it is pretty new for everybody and it is called 

Twitch TV is an (OVP) online video platform basically you can life stream your game among huge audience. When you look to your life streaming channel you can see how many people are watching your channel, how many of them have favorited it. It is a system that helps you gain more subscribers in your
You[Tube] Channel

By my opinion this system is pretty cool i am thinking actually of trying it myself. If i do i'm going to post it here so you guys can actually watch me play GAIMZ !!!
That is it for today from me expect me Sunday
Have a nice day :P

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