Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thunders n Lightnings

Hello Guys, for a start i will share with you that this was not the thread i was inteding to write about
yet again today in Bulgaria/Plovdiv started one of the coolest Thunderstorm ever and here is a video i made

it started about 13:20 and it ended in 18:30

This is the video i shoot with the laptop the quality is not good but you can see the fierce winds moving the trees. There might be a weird distorion in the video, dont worry about it and yeah... dont be scared by the stalker that appears on the right side :D i edited it a little because i dont want to show my face especially my hair...

In the fields far from sight i saw a tornado forming in the region of

Yet the storm appeared to not be just a storm! It was a hailstorm, you can see the hail chunks of ice on the ground the pictures ware shot on a telephone with 2MP camera

The pictures was taken from a friend

As you can see guys the storm was fierce and scary, lots of car alarms turned on, lots of lightnings appeared, lots of thunders heared. I am mad for not taking the laptop earlier to shoot the funnel that was forming in Asenovgrad fields it was awesome yet scary ! Usualy funnels of tornados aren't suppouse to form in Bulgaria because of our climats yet again they do...

I apologies for punctuational mistakes and my bad english i havn't used it a lot of time and i have kinda forgotten it

That is all from me for today lets hope that you enjoyed it and i shall return in Thursday with another post

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