Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer time !

Hello guys, as you may know already from the title our favorite season is here !!!
I can finally feel it. Two weeks ago i weared a Tshirt with sleeves and One week ago the weather just burst with its full potential !
In Bulgaria it is already 40 degrees by celsius. But hey i'm not here to talk about my country and what i wear.. I'm going to talk about what are the possibilities to do within the summer time
Before i start i want you to try to imagine the things i write. I want you to feel what am i talking about

Peace Relaxation
Imagine that you are in a beach field laying down on a lounge, drinking cocktail or beer, watching the clouds, listening to the birds all around you, listening to the waves crushing in the neares rocks i don't know guys but i'm already feeling it. And i cant imagine more relaxing time than this one if i had to choose i would choose to do this one

Okay, maybe you are not the type that likes to relax in that kind of way maybe you want to
Imagine that you are getting drunk, listening to good music,dancing around with strangers, making new friends. If you are that kind of type then this is the best option for you my friend ! Go to the nearest discotheque and party till the morning

Or maybe you will preffer The Balkan
This is the best choice for you if you are not a party chaser or a beach lover
Imagine that you are in the woods away from the despicable warmth, sitting next to a river laying down, fishing maybe..., breathing the clean air, listening to the wind moving the branches of the trees, listening to the birds singing. Yes, totaly different atmosphere this is another Peace Relaxation

That is it from me for today guys lets hope that you feeled what i presented to you
I wish you happy summer times, vacations and much more experiences
Meanwhile let me warm you up with a song

 Expect new post at Wednesday good bye !
I apologize for the grammer and punctuational mistakes.

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