Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blizzard Entertaiment and Their Games

Hello guys, sorry for the late post i was suppoused to release it yesterday early but i got some problems
So today i'm going to talk one of the most popular games worldwide in the company                      
Blizzard Entertainment

As most of you know World of WarCraft is MMORPG " Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Created by
Blizzard Entertainment

If you still don't know what Blizzard entertainment is let me get back to the past and remind you
Diablo 2   if you don't know what is Diablo 2 then you probably aren't a gamer boy/girl at all :P
Basically Blizzard Entertainment lately released Diablo 3 and very soon they will release the new expansion of World Of WarCraft " Mists of Pandaria " which as the looks of it are one of their biggest failures i'm sorry for being to harsh but they basically changed the whole gameplay system and there is no more passion, no more skill to put in a good use, everything it is just too easy. Those games by my opinion are just an excuse for Blizzard Entertainment to make more money of them... But hey that is my opinion
Blizzard had good times tho !
The Biggest Success in Blizzard Entertainment devoleper company was Diablo 2 and World Of WarCraft Vanilla (The very first WoW) since Blizzard disappointed me i started playing Private Servers on Vanilla Version of WoW and i am going to say that it is good that there are private servers if Blizzard doesn't actually put some challenging content in their future games they are going to bankrupt and i am pretty sure in that ! Every gamer that is playing Diablo 3 is very familiar with the most common errors yep that is right (Error 37) i have heard rumors that when you go into a Public server someone can steal your character items and stuff like that...
so Blizzard Entertainment if some devoleper gets stuck here please go back to your oldself and make games again like WoW Vanilla and Diablo 2   people beg you! I am speaking at the half of the gamers community that once respected your work please go back to your old self
 " Sincerely The Half of Gamer Community "

Thank you for reading my post and i apologize for being too harsh i apologize for my grammar.
Expect a new post in Friday-Saturday good night

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