Friday, July 27, 2012

Batman Arkham City

Hello guys, it has been a while since i writed anything :) Been busy with the house lately that is why i haven't writed anything new.
So yeah the last time i writed about " Batman Arkham Asylum " today i'll write about " Batman Arkham City " what was my expectations... Similliar to the first part, bad story and more but no. Surprisingly this part was alot more better than the Asylum maybe because the sandbox is a little bit bigger and because of the new combo skills, also the new movement skills that you have. I can say that this part was alot more better than the first. The graphics are the same which i'm fine with that, the combo skills are amazing, the movement skills are amazing too... I really liked the idea about switching characters ( Catwoman ) and fighting the rest of the villains like Two Face, Mr.Freeze, Penguin " Like it should have been in the first place ". But yeah there is also a but :D I didn't like the interface of this part... If i forgot to mention the interface in the previous post i will do now, and i can say that the first interface it is just amazing, this interface is literally messed up... The devolepers put some stuff that you can only look at them literally, more icons which don't have any kind of use but they are there... I don't know why they did that it is just ridiculous. But still this part is amazing and i recommend it for playing :) Also i liked the ending alot the ending was just epic !

That is it from me for today expect a new post in the next upcoming days untill then have a good time :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Arkham Asylum

Hello guys i haven't seen you in a while :P as you already figure from the title i have been playing
Batman Arkham Asylum lately and that is the reason for my absence. What can i say about the game... it is cool but still didn't catched my excitement like Darksiders. After i finished Darksiders i went online to check for games like it and someone recommended to play Batman Arkham Asylum so yeah i played it. The Graphics are amazing, Batman fighting skills are awesome but i didn't like the story much. Now i'm going to play Batman Arkham City and gonna give you guys a feedback cya till then :P

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey, guys as you know from my last post i was a little bit sick and started playing " Darksiders the first part " and well what can i say about the game. It is just AMAZING !!! I haven't played that kinda of game since 3 years from now. Seriously this game rocks and i can't wait for the second part to go out so i can play it ! In the first part i represent " War " one of the four horseman the bringers of the apocalypse. I don't know but i can't say there is anything that i didn't liked about this game. The combo moves are amazing, the graphics are amazing, the skills are amazing, the puzzle are amazing, the story is amazing. The game itself looks like Devil May Cry 4 but alot more better. I was thinking about writing about the end and what happened but i don't want to spoil any of the goodies why do you guys try it for yourselfs and see that i was not mistaken :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Feeling a little sick...

Bad news guys, i might have flu or something i just feel all day so ill. There are no pills left to drink and i'm to sick to go to the shop to buy some medicine... But that ain't gonna stop me writing a new post soon i'm going to try out " Darksiders the first part " and gonna write you guys all about it later.
Cya then :P

Friday, July 13, 2012

Borderlands 2

Hello guys, now i'm going to talk about one of my future favorite game that has been not yet released and it is called
Borderlands II
If you haven't played the first part then go to the nearest store and buy it ! Trust me " you won't regret it " < That was a quote from Borderlands 1
What can i tell you about this game, except that it is one of the weirdest genres it is a
First Person Shooter Role Playing Game " FPS RPG " with active co-op multiplayer. That was the first game that was FPS RPG i ever played it just stunned me when i saw how many different weapons can you have. The system works like in WoW for every item is a different color
not usable/old weapon - Gray Color
Normal Weapon - White Color
Uncommon Weapon - Green Color
Rare Weapon - Blue Color
Epic Weapon - Purple Color
Very Good Weapon - Yellow Color
Legendary Weapon - Orange Color
Yeah it is something like WoW the gameplay is really cool the animations are just beyond awsome the story is just amazing. The game is basically made for four people on CO-OP mode there are 3 difficulties which on every new difficulties the AI " Artificial Intelligence " is improved and ofc better weapons drop etc. Yeah i forgot to mention the talent system yeah.. You know what just try it :) Here is a trailer of Borderlands 2 and a Gameplay of Borderlands 1

That is it for now expect new post soon :)

Darksiders II

Hi guys, today i saw one a trailer of a game named Darksiders III don't know but it looks awsome i like those kind of games i think it is a Singleplayer RPG game here have a look at the trailer

Have a look at Toby Turner's LITERAL parody trailer of the game which by my personal opinion is awsome

Here is some gameplay footage of the game. I don't know i think in future i'll be really pleased by that game it reminds me of Fable the Lost Chapters. I think the release date of Darksiders II is on August but i don't know what date yet

That is it from me for now.. Expect a new post later :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hi guys, today i'll recommend you one of the most hilarious shows ever and it is called

Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series follows the adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic 31st century. The series was envisioned by Groening in the late 1990s while working on The Simpsons, later bringing Cohen aboard to develop storylines and characters to pitch the show to Fox.
That one is copied from wikipedia because i don't have my own words to explain how awsome it is just check the trailer up there. I found out today that it has been started a couple of weeks ago :P
That is it from me i shall see you tommorow or the day after !
Good Night :P

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ice Age 4 3D

Hi guys, I have a good news but i'll tell it at the end of this post.
Hello there guys i'm just back from the movies and i watched

Ice Age 4
If you are not a fan of 3D animations then my friend this post isn't for you, but for those who are fans of 3D animations i recommend you to watch " Ice Age 4 " surprisingly this part was the coolest i've ever watched of the whole movie series ! Yeah, if you want to just relax go to the nearest cinema and watch this ! I'll not say anything else because i don't want to spoil any of the good
Here is a trailer

For the good news that i writed earlier :)
I'm now free for a week from now on and i'll have more time to post more on the blog.
So if you see alot of posting for the next week don't wonder and stuff :P
Okay guys this is it from me expect me tommorow with another post
Good night !

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi guys, today will be a short post because i didn't had that much time to write about something bigger. So today i'll talk about one of the most killed insect during this season, yes that is right !

Yeah those are the the little pests that crawl during summer. The most annoying insect of all times, it doesn't matter for it if you are sleeping, he just have to bzzt around your ear all night, land and drink blood from you and leave you a huge red hot pimple on the spot. I can bet that even those so called " Modern Vampire TV shows, Movies " Are afraid of those little guys. The good thing is that they live mostly for 3 days. But those are only a city crawlers don't underestimate those ones in the Jungles they can be even bigger
That is it for today from me guys i'll cya on Sunday-Monday

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spec Ops : The Line

Hi guys, today i will talk about a game. It is rather new and it is called
Spec Ops : The Line

The game is awsome, it is a third person shooter game. Basically you are a character named Captain Martin Walker. You are accompanied with two buddies Sergeant Lugo and Lieutenant Adams
You are sent in Dubai to search for Colonel John Konrad and survivors
If you want to find out more check the Machinima Review down below
My Opinion about this game : It is awsome it has a good story, good graphics, good psyx.
If you want to play a good war game play this one ! You are not going to be dissapointed

That is it for today from me i will see you guys in Thursday