Friday, June 29, 2012

My PC Gear

As i told you at the previous post i got some monitor problems so yeah let me show my new monitor
This is " Philips model 192EL " he has 1366 x 768 resolution it is a
LED " Light-emmiting diode " screen
Monitor, it has a touch screen option settings which i don't like that much because it is very hard to click it at the right spot but still... It is very small and practical. I can rotate it, move it, however i want, the colours are just awesome, maybe.. i think like that because i never had that kind of monitor before. Well, the thing that am i trying to say here is that i really enjoy it and i am very happy for purchasing it, here have a look.
I really like the Design too

As you can see from the title i'm going to talk today about my PC Gear, since i already started writing about my monitor i thought that it is going to be propper to write things about those kind of stuff.
Next it is going to be my subwoofer. This is " Privileg model A-9502 "
Characteristics : 5.1, RMS 58 W, Frequency 20 Hz - 20 KHz, Satellites 5 x 8 W, 3"
About the Design,
as you can see i preffered an old way fashion design, it is simply cooler and more pratical no remotes and stuff. If i want to raise the bass i simply rotate the button, if i want more tremble i simply rotate it. It is really cool and it has alot of power in it !
Have a look at my neighbour stress raiser

That is simply PC Box which is really cool. I really like the design. The one funny thing about it that it opens like a refrigerator
Here have a look at my cool refrigerator

That is my mouse CM Storm " Model Spawn " it is lightweight, has alot of buttons, basically this mouse is built for a professional FPS ( First-Person Shooter ) Gaming but i use it for other games too there are 2 buttons on the top, when you press them you can switch your DPI " Dots per Inch " movement < It simply makes your mouse faster. Now let me show you the other fancy stuff that i found on internet about it
Anti-Drift Control Sensor : The Spawn gaming mouse utilizes a high performance optical engine that ensures extreme stability. Built with an anti-drift system, it provides lossless performance during lifts and drops. With a built-in angle snapping option, one can formulate the perfect flick shot to maximize their kill rates with sheer accuracy.
Onboard Sentinel-X 32 KB : The Sentinel-X microprocessor safeguards your mouse setting by storing button assignments, advanced macros and other mouse customization - allowing gamers to plug and play on any other system without losing their initial settings.
Omron Micro Switches (5 Million Clicks) : Ultra tactile mouse clicks for in-game fragging is afforded through the utilization of Omron’s patented micro switch technology. Backed by a minimum guarantee of 5 million clicks, the Spawn gaming mouse offers an extended gaming life-span for the avid gamer.
Japanese-Made Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder :
Ultra precise stepping encoder allows gamers to navigate small distances with the scroll wheel while establishing great control and precision.
Superior Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip Design :
Sweat proof and highly slip resistant, Spawn includes two thick rubber grips that have been deployed on both sides of the mouse. This affords full control to lift-off style gamers during game play.
Yeah i simply copied it from their site because i can't explain the fancy stuff in my words. My english is not that advanced yet :)
Here have a look at my super fancy mouse

And that is my video card nVidia " GeForce GT 240 " what can i say about it i'm not going to copy information from nVidia site, in short words it can run every kind of game except BattleField 3 :D
Have a look at my airplane

This is my headset. Oh yeah my headset, i really love that thing it is just divine ! I really like that bass button switch. There is also a button for turning off your microphone. In my situation this really comes in hand. When i'm on a Skype,TeamSpeak,Mumble and i am talking to friends i can easily just press the button and start talking on the phone. There is a grip switch on it, if you don't want to search it under your couch to lower down the volume you can just grip it on your shirt
Characteristics : Headset Frequency 20 - 20000 Hz
Microphone Frequency : 30 - 16000 Hz
Have a look at my ultra bass headset

And that ends with my gear i'm really looking forward to purchase a web-camera and a new keyboard so i can start streaming games on Twich-TV.
That is it for today from me guys lets hope that post compensates the last one :P
Once again i'm sorry for the grammar mistakes
I shall see you all in Sunday-Monday

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monitor Problems

Hello guys, today i'm going to write a short post. My monitor blow up yesterday. It is expected to buy a new one tommorow or the day after it. When i buy it i'm going to write a new post to compensate for this notification. Expect me tommorow or the day after it cya till then guys

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twitch TV

Hello guys, as you can see i'm one day late again. Which i apologize for that.. Lets do this, when i say that i'm going to write on a day just expect me the next day :D
Okay now lets get real. Today i'm going to talk about something pretty new to me as far as i know it is pretty new for everybody and it is called 

Twitch TV is an (OVP) online video platform basically you can life stream your game among huge audience. When you look to your life streaming channel you can see how many people are watching your channel, how many of them have favorited it. It is a system that helps you gain more subscribers in your
You[Tube] Channel

By my opinion this system is pretty cool i am thinking actually of trying it myself. If i do i'm going to post it here so you guys can actually watch me play GAIMZ !!!
That is it for today from me expect me Sunday
Have a nice day :P

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer time !

Hello guys, as you may know already from the title our favorite season is here !!!
I can finally feel it. Two weeks ago i weared a Tshirt with sleeves and One week ago the weather just burst with its full potential !
In Bulgaria it is already 40 degrees by celsius. But hey i'm not here to talk about my country and what i wear.. I'm going to talk about what are the possibilities to do within the summer time
Before i start i want you to try to imagine the things i write. I want you to feel what am i talking about

Peace Relaxation
Imagine that you are in a beach field laying down on a lounge, drinking cocktail or beer, watching the clouds, listening to the birds all around you, listening to the waves crushing in the neares rocks i don't know guys but i'm already feeling it. And i cant imagine more relaxing time than this one if i had to choose i would choose to do this one

Okay, maybe you are not the type that likes to relax in that kind of way maybe you want to
Imagine that you are getting drunk, listening to good music,dancing around with strangers, making new friends. If you are that kind of type then this is the best option for you my friend ! Go to the nearest discotheque and party till the morning

Or maybe you will preffer The Balkan
This is the best choice for you if you are not a party chaser or a beach lover
Imagine that you are in the woods away from the despicable warmth, sitting next to a river laying down, fishing maybe..., breathing the clean air, listening to the wind moving the branches of the trees, listening to the birds singing. Yes, totaly different atmosphere this is another Peace Relaxation

That is it from me for today guys lets hope that you feeled what i presented to you
I wish you happy summer times, vacations and much more experiences
Meanwhile let me warm you up with a song

 Expect new post at Wednesday good bye !
I apologize for the grammer and punctuational mistakes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blizzard Entertaiment and Their Games

Hello guys, sorry for the late post i was suppoused to release it yesterday early but i got some problems
So today i'm going to talk one of the most popular games worldwide in the company                      
Blizzard Entertainment

As most of you know World of WarCraft is MMORPG " Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Created by
Blizzard Entertainment

If you still don't know what Blizzard entertainment is let me get back to the past and remind you
Diablo 2   if you don't know what is Diablo 2 then you probably aren't a gamer boy/girl at all :P
Basically Blizzard Entertainment lately released Diablo 3 and very soon they will release the new expansion of World Of WarCraft " Mists of Pandaria " which as the looks of it are one of their biggest failures i'm sorry for being to harsh but they basically changed the whole gameplay system and there is no more passion, no more skill to put in a good use, everything it is just too easy. Those games by my opinion are just an excuse for Blizzard Entertainment to make more money of them... But hey that is my opinion
Blizzard had good times tho !
The Biggest Success in Blizzard Entertainment devoleper company was Diablo 2 and World Of WarCraft Vanilla (The very first WoW) since Blizzard disappointed me i started playing Private Servers on Vanilla Version of WoW and i am going to say that it is good that there are private servers if Blizzard doesn't actually put some challenging content in their future games they are going to bankrupt and i am pretty sure in that ! Every gamer that is playing Diablo 3 is very familiar with the most common errors yep that is right (Error 37) i have heard rumors that when you go into a Public server someone can steal your character items and stuff like that...
so Blizzard Entertainment if some devoleper gets stuck here please go back to your oldself and make games again like WoW Vanilla and Diablo 2   people beg you! I am speaking at the half of the gamers community that once respected your work please go back to your old self
 " Sincerely The Half of Gamer Community "

Thank you for reading my post and i apologize for being too harsh i apologize for my grammar.
Expect a new post in Friday-Saturday good night

Friday, June 8, 2012

Minecraft !!!

Hi guys today i'm going to write about one game. Minecraft !!! one game that has no goals no purposes it is simply creative game it reminds me of Lego when i was young yet this is more cool
What is Minecraft ? I talked about it in one of the previous posts about  Youtube Popularity
now let me tell you the whole information

Minecraft is a sandbox-building game created by a sweedish devoleper named " Markus Persson " known as " Notch " Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3d world

Just for the record this game is not based on  " Graphics " it is rather interesting to build architect buildings and yes this is possible you can even build the " Burj Khalifa " tower if you have patience and creativity
Here is a Fanmade Trailer

Fanmade Trailer

That is all for today from me expect my new post on Monday

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thunders n Lightnings

Hello Guys, for a start i will share with you that this was not the thread i was inteding to write about
yet again today in Bulgaria/Plovdiv started one of the coolest Thunderstorm ever and here is a video i made

it started about 13:20 and it ended in 18:30

This is the video i shoot with the laptop the quality is not good but you can see the fierce winds moving the trees. There might be a weird distorion in the video, dont worry about it and yeah... dont be scared by the stalker that appears on the right side :D i edited it a little because i dont want to show my face especially my hair...

In the fields far from sight i saw a tornado forming in the region of

Yet the storm appeared to not be just a storm! It was a hailstorm, you can see the hail chunks of ice on the ground the pictures ware shot on a telephone with 2MP camera

The pictures was taken from a friend

As you can see guys the storm was fierce and scary, lots of car alarms turned on, lots of lightnings appeared, lots of thunders heared. I am mad for not taking the laptop earlier to shoot the funnel that was forming in Asenovgrad fields it was awesome yet scary ! Usualy funnels of tornados aren't suppouse to form in Bulgaria because of our climats yet again they do...

I apologies for punctuational mistakes and my bad english i havn't used it a lot of time and i have kinda forgotten it

That is all from me for today lets hope that you enjoyed it and i shall return in Thursday with another post

Saturday, June 2, 2012

YouTube Popularity

Hi guys, today i will talk about YouTube Popularity and some of the most famous youtubers. And I will give you guys tips based on my observations and thoughts on how to try to become a famous youtuber
Lets start with one of the most famous youtubers

RayWilliamJohnson : A comedian known for his YouTube series " Equals Three " as off May 2012 his channel is the most subscribed one.

Nigahiga : Again a comedian, known for his comedy videos. As of May 2012 his channel becomes the second most subscribed one in YouTube

freddiew : American filmmaker mostly know for his creative Video FX here have a look

               Lets switch to the gaming community channels

Athenewins : started gaining popularity with  " World of WarCraft " MMORPG game he is mostly known for his gaming skills and breaking all kind of gaming records

CaptainSparklez : started gaining popularity with  " Minecraft " a sandbox building game he is mostly know with his gameplayer/commentary/animation/modeling videos based on the game

PewDiePie : his channel is based on FPS ( First Person Shooter ) horror games and his gameplay/commentary videos

                Tips based on my Observations on how to gain popularity
                        I'm going to tell you the truth i'm not going to lie

Lets start with RayWilliamJohnson. stand up comedian his videos reveal other viral videos, videos that makes you laugh and smile. He is also known as a the biggest troll in YouTube
My tip is if you are going to make a stand up infront camera comedy video series make sure that you appear funny in the viewers eyes adding the atmosphere of laugh even if the atmosphere is based on other peoples incidents

RAY SMASH! - Ray William Johnson

Nigahiga another comedian. his videos are based on stupidity which is the a new base of comedy and that is true people however ridiculous it sounds. He often puts a catch in his videos with something that he wants to teach the audience
My tip if you are going to make a comedy shows make sure that the content is with random events with meaning which sounds weird perhaps you will see what am i talking about in his video

Forever Alone

Freddiew his videos are based on super cool VFX stuff mostly shooting and warzone
My tip is if you have a talent with VFX programs make sure to put alot of meaningless explosions,guns and blood < It is a cliche for me but it seems that most of the people like the quality more than the quantity

Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin

Athenewins " World of WarCraft " player and self-proclaimed "Best Gamer in The World"
My tip make sure that you inspire the viewers with words and things that are unimaginable for most of the people appear in your audience like a gladiator infront of them

MOAR ARENA OWNAGE (Arena Masters #2) + Announcements

CaptainSparklez brilliant gameplay/commentary channel
My tip make sure that the content of the video is interesting to your audience make sure that you help your viewers by showing them interesting information

Minecraft: Jungle Temples, Trip Wires, Inventory Updates

PewDiePie another brilliant gameplay/commentary
My tip make sure that your viewers feel the same that you do his are based on horror games which makes it even more easier for your audience and that is based on adrenaline

INAL - Amnesia: Custom Story - Part 4

My personal tip
If you are a viewer what kind of video entertains you what would you like to see on YouTube ?
Think about what the audience would like to see think about what is their interests

That is all from me and lets hope that i helped you even a little bit... goodbye audience :D i will see you all in Tuesday