Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi guys, today will be a short post because i didn't had that much time to write about something bigger. So today i'll talk about one of the most killed insect during this season, yes that is right !

Yeah those are the the little pests that crawl during summer. The most annoying insect of all times, it doesn't matter for it if you are sleeping, he just have to bzzt around your ear all night, land and drink blood from you and leave you a huge red hot pimple on the spot. I can bet that even those so called " Modern Vampire TV shows, Movies " Are afraid of those little guys. The good thing is that they live mostly for 3 days. But those are only a city crawlers don't underestimate those ones in the Jungles they can be even bigger
That is it for today from me guys i'll cya on Sunday-Monday

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