Friday, July 13, 2012

Borderlands 2

Hello guys, now i'm going to talk about one of my future favorite game that has been not yet released and it is called
Borderlands II
If you haven't played the first part then go to the nearest store and buy it ! Trust me " you won't regret it " < That was a quote from Borderlands 1
What can i tell you about this game, except that it is one of the weirdest genres it is a
First Person Shooter Role Playing Game " FPS RPG " with active co-op multiplayer. That was the first game that was FPS RPG i ever played it just stunned me when i saw how many different weapons can you have. The system works like in WoW for every item is a different color
not usable/old weapon - Gray Color
Normal Weapon - White Color
Uncommon Weapon - Green Color
Rare Weapon - Blue Color
Epic Weapon - Purple Color
Very Good Weapon - Yellow Color
Legendary Weapon - Orange Color
Yeah it is something like WoW the gameplay is really cool the animations are just beyond awsome the story is just amazing. The game is basically made for four people on CO-OP mode there are 3 difficulties which on every new difficulties the AI " Artificial Intelligence " is improved and ofc better weapons drop etc. Yeah i forgot to mention the talent system yeah.. You know what just try it :) Here is a trailer of Borderlands 2 and a Gameplay of Borderlands 1

That is it for now expect new post soon :)

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